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The Heart is an Arrow is the sixth episode of Netflix's Shadow & Bone adaptation.[1]


Furious over the Sun Summoner, Kirigan hunts for information. Alina receives a helping hand when she needs it most. Nina warms to a Grisha hunter.

Plot summary[]

Inside the Little Palace, Kirigan learns from the captured Conductor that West Ravkan General Zlatan wants the Sun Summoner dead. He hired the Conductor to kill Alina rather than take her across the Fold. Now that Alina is with the Crows, Kirigan and the Conductor assume she will be taken across; Kirigan wants to find her before that. The Conductor offers his help, but Kirigan kills him. Fedyor tells Kirigan that Nina Zenik has been captured by Fjerdan witchhunters. Zoya attempts to comfort Kirigan, but he refuses to rest until Alina is found.

Alina escapes from the Crows. While walking around a market, she accidentally reveals herself when she uses her powers to fend off a handsy soldier. She flees into the woods, where Mal is waiting for her. He takes her to safety, where they argue about who didn’t respond to whose letters, whether she knew she was Grisha, and whether she lied to him. They talk things through, and Mal tells her he’s been trying to get back to her the whole time. They embrace, make a camp together, and Alina uses her powers to keep them warm.

After Alina's escape, Kaz and Inej argue. Inej let her go, believing in Alina's Saint-like power and her potential to save her people. On the other hand, Kaz argues that her powers were an illusion, and he is furious with Inej for letting Alina slip away. He tells Inej that if they do not return with Alina, Heleen will get the Crow Club and Pekka will get the rest of their city. Inej is confused because she does not know about his deal with Heleen; unwilling to explain, Kaz leaves the table.

The Crows debate leaving empty-handed, since they have lost Alina’s trail, are out of money, and know Kirigan will soon track them down. As they are leaving the tavern, Kirigan, Zoya, Ivan, and Polina see them; the Crows split up and flee. Seeking revenge for the death of her brother, Polina chases Inej and injures Inej before Inej stabs and kills Polina. Jesper and Ivan face off, and Jesper's accuracy leads Ivan to guess that Jesper is hiding something before Jesper knocks him unconscious. Kirigan stops Kaz in an alley and demands to know what he did with the Sun Summoner. Kaz tells him the truth: Alina fled on her own, unwilling to be a captive any longer. Kirigan tries to kill Kaz with the Cut, but he escapes in a flash of bright light. The Crows then steal Kirigan’s carriage and escape.

Meanwhile, the storm wrecked the witchhunters' ship, leaving Nina and Matthias clinging to a piece of wood in the violent, freezing sea. In the aftermath, they must work together to stay alive. They reach land, find an abandoned shelter, discuss their respective cultures, and sleep together to keep warm. As they trek through the snow together, Matthias eventually admits he likes Nina, and they both end up laughing and playing around. When Nina unexpectedly almost falls through a crevasse in the ice, Matthias saves her life.

Alina treats Mal's wounded shoulder and they make plans to find the stag together. Alina thinks that if she can use it as an amplifier, she can grow strong enough to destroy the Fold, and she needs to keep its power away from Kirigan. They head for Fjerda, toward where Mal last saw the stag. David tells Kirigan he can track Alina using a special ring she is wearing. From a city guard, Kirigan learns that a tracker with the First Army was also searching for Alina. He realizes Mal and Alina have been reunited.



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  • The book David is reading in the carriage and later throws at Jesper is a Ravkan edition of Shadow and Bone.


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