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The Making at the Heart of the World is the third episode of Netflix's Shadow and Bone adaptation.[1]


Ensconced in the lap of luxury among the Grisha, Alina begins her training. The Crows—Kaz, Inej, and Jesper—prepare for their risky journey.

Plot summary[]

Genya Safin, arrives in Alina’s chambers to make her presentable for the king. She gives Alina a bath, new clothes, and an offer to modify her features and hair. Genya is a Tailor, which means she can alter people’s appearances temporarily, eliminating flaws and creating beauty. Outside the Little Palace, Alina meets General Kirigan, who brings her before the king of Ravka and a large crowd of people. Together, they demonstrate Alina’s powers. Ravka is reassured that Alina will destroy the Fold and save them all. The gathered Grisha hug Alina and welcome her.

As Alina leaves the ceremony, Zoya pulls her close for a hug and tells her that she still reeks of the orphanage. The next day, when Alina starts her combat training with Botkin, she chooses Zoya as her opponent. Zoya uses her Squaller powers to slam Alina into a haystack. Alina briefly loses consciousness, but she insists she is okay. Zoya gets scolded by Botkin.

In the Little Palace library, Alina meets the castle priest, the Apparat, who explains the power of amplifiers. If a Grisha slaughters a mythical animal, and they meld part of the animal into their body, they can harness the animal’s power and become more powerful. He also gives her a gift: a book titled The Lives of the Saints. Alina then meets Baghra, a Grisha teacher who is meant to help her draw forth and control her powers. Alina struggles with summoning the light, which frustrates Baghra. Baghra also tells her that Kirigan is a human amplifier, which means he can make other Grisha more powerful.

The Crows arrive in West Ravka and plan to unite with Nina Zenik, the Conductor's contact to smuggle Alina out of the Little Palace. Nina has been staying at an inn in the guise of a Kaelish girl, but the innkeeper sells out her location to the Drüskelle. After a brief struggle, Nina is captured, and the Crows arrive too late. The Conductor wants to abandon the job, but Kaz refuses, saying that as long as the Conductor gets them across the Fold, Kaz will figure out the rest on the other side. The Conductor instructs the Crows to get 20 pounds of alabaster coal, a pack of jurda, and a goat.

Kaz retrieves the goat and notices the Conductor at a separatist rally with the West Ravkan General Zlatan. Inej searches for her parents' names on a memorial to those who died in the Fold, and Kaz chastises her for getting distracted. Jesper goes to get the coal, but ends up gambling all the money away. The Crows assemble later that night and board the Conductor's train; Jesper managed to steal 16 pounds of coal, which might not be enough to cross but there is an angry mob after Jesper so they leave anyway. The Conductor has neglected to mention one thing—the tracks aren’t complete, which means they can’t shift their weight. The volcra attack, slowing down the train, but Jesper manages to shoot off all the volcra, allowing the train to emerge on the other side of the Fold.

Nina is taken into the brig of a ship, where a drüskelle puts her in chains. He tells her she will be taken to stand trial in Fjerda, to which Nina replies that no Grisha is found innocent in those trials. They fight, and the Drüskelle leaves the brig.



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