The Grishaverse
The Grishaverse
Tidemakers crest

Tidemakers are Grisha of the Etherealki Order who can manipulate water.

In the Second Army, they wear a blue kefta with pale blue embroidery.[1] While training, they usually pair up with Squallers.[2]

"An ordinary Tidemaker can control currents, summon water or moisture from the air or a nearby source." Tidemakers can convert water into ice. This ability is shown by Annika, when she attempts to trap Eryk,[3] and Zoya Nazyalensky, when she lets Genya Safin cross the lake to David Kostyk's pyre.[4] It is also suggested that Tidemakers are able to control the sap within plant life, as demonstrated when Zoya Nazyalensky controlled the sap of the thorn wood. Tidemakers are also able to convert water into mist, and as demonstrated by the Council of Tides, they can also use this mist to drown someone on land.

Under the effects of jurda parem, a Tidemaker can alter the state of matter, including themselves. This is seen when Mikka alters the state of walls in order to pass through them.[5] It also allows a Tidemaker to draw blood out through a red mist, which is seen when Jesper Fahey and Wylan Van Eck fight two Tidemakers at the Ice Court.[6]

Known Tidemakers[]




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