A chronological timeline of events within the Grishaverse. The documented history of which spans many centuries and various nations.


  • The territory later known as Ravka is divided into several feudal provinces led by kings who are constantly in conflict with one another.
  • Yaromir the Determined unifies the provinces into one kingdom and becomes the first King of Ravka, founding the Lantsov royal line.
  • The Border Wars date back to at least this time. Yaromir founds and prays at Ravka's First Altar, although it is implied the worship of the Saints is older. The Priestguard, Apparat, and first amplifiers are created.

The Creation of Morozova's Amplifiers

  • Ilya Morozova creates three amplifiers, initially believed to be the Stag, the Sea Whip and the Firebird. In reality, his youngest daughter, whilst being "otkazat'sya", was in actuality the third amplifier — the result of her being resurrected. A hidden trait that carried through her bloodline for generations.
    • As a result of bringing his child back to life after Baghra killed her using the Cut, both Morozova and his youngest daughter are wrapped in irons and thrown off a bridge into the water below. However, his daughter survived and continued the bloodline, mothering a line of descendants, the last of which being Mal Oretsev.

The Dawn of the Shadow Fold

  • Baghra and an unknown Heartrender conceived a child, who she named Aleksander. He would later come to be known as the Darkling for his ability to summon shadows.
  • The Second Army is founded under King Yevgeni in exchange for protection for Grisha in the form of the Little Palace.
  • The Shadow Fold is created by the Darkling, known then as the Black Heretic.
  • After faking his death, the Black Heretic reinvented himself, allegedly destroyed all of Morozova's journals, and took command of the Second Army.

Shadow and Bone Trilogy

Shadow and Bone

Crossing the Fold

  • Centuries after the creation of the Fold, Alina Starkov is born in a settlement in Dva Stolba along the southern Shu Han border.
    • Alina is orphaned and taken to Duke Keramsov's estate orphanage after her family is killed during the Border Wars, where she meets Mal Oretsev, whose background mirrors hers and with whom she forms an unbreakable bond.
  • Alina is tested by Grisha examiners. She intentionally pushes down her powers so as not to be separated from Mal.
  • Alina and Mal join the First Army and are attacked by Volcra when their regiment attempts to cross the Shadow Fold. Alina's latent Grisha powers are activated and she discovers that she is a Sun Summoner.

Training at the Little Palace

  • Alina is taken to the Little Palace in Os Alta by the Darkling, where she meets Genya, who later gives Alina a tour.
  • David gifts Alina glass disks.
  • Alina trains with Bahgra at the Summoners' pavilion and struggles to learn how to harness her powers.
  • The Apparat gives Alina a book called Istorii Sankt'ya, meaning The Lives of Saints.
  • Zoya Nazyalensky arrives at the Little Palace and spars with Alina during combat training, during which time Zoya uses her powers against Alina, which is forbidden.
  • The Darkling suggests finding Morozova's Stag to use as an amplifier for Alina against Bahgra's wishes.
  • The Darkling kisses Alina.

Winter Fete

  • Winter Fete at the Little Palace.
    • The Darkling gets word from Ivan that they've tracked down Morozova's hurd.
    • Alina wears the Darkling's colors and performs for the nobles.
    • The Darkling takes Alina into the sitting room and kisses her.
    • Alina and Mal reunite in a fiery exchange at the palace after five months apart.
    • Bahgra warns Alina about the Darkling and his plans to expand the Fold after capturing the Stag.
    • Bahgra also reveals that she is The Darkling's mother and that he is the Black Heretic who created the Shadow Fold hundreds of years ago.
    • The Volcra are an unforeseen consequence of the Fold — men who were corrupted by the dark powers of the Black Heretic and turned into monsters.
    • With Bahgra's help, Alina flees the Little Palace and heads west to Os Kervo.

Hunting the Stag

  • Alina arrives in Balakirev, a town directly west of Os Alta and seeks refuge in a nearby barn before heading to Ryevost.
    • Alina makes it to the western outskirts of Ryevost, where she is forced to use her powers to ward off a drunken man, resulting in her being hunted by the Darkling's personal guards.
    • Alina runs and hides in the woods of Ryevost, where she reunites with Mal, who joins Alina on her journey to stop the Darkling.
  • Alina and Mal change course to Tsibeya in hopes of finding the Stag before the Darkling and using its power against him.
    • They arrive at a village on the northwest side of the Petrazoi and discovers that it's butter week. Alina seeks to join the festival, and Mal reluctantly agrees.
    • In an alleyway, Alina and Mal are attacked by a couple muggers. Alina uses her powers allowing for them to escape.
  • As they travel further north, Alina makes Mal promise that he will kill her if they're captured, in order to prevent the Darkling from expanding the Fold.
  • On the western trails, Mal reveals that Mikhael and Dubrov were killed by the Fjerdans while hunting the Stag up north.
    • The next morning, Mal admits his feelings for Alina and they kiss. The Stag then enters the clearing. As Mal readies to knock the creature, Alina tells him to wait and walks over. She looks into the Stag's dark eyes and cannot bring herself to kill it.
    • The Darkling arrives and shoots the Stag in the chest with an arrow. When he attempts to deliver the killing blow, Alina covers the stag's body with her own.
    • The Darkling captures Alina and Mal before slitting the Stag's throat and ordering his men to take the Stag's antlers.
    • David retrieves the antlers and fashions a collar for Alina out of the Stag's antlers that allows the Darkling to control her.
  • The Darkling returns to Kribirsk with Alina and Mal.
  • Alina reunites with Genya, who informs Alina that the King is ill and that the Apparat is ruling in his place. Alina then realizes that Genya is wearing Corporalki red with blue embroidered cuffs, realizing that Genya is involved in the Darkling's plans.
  • After revealing to Alina that he will feed Mal to the Volcra when they enter the Fold, he allows for her to spend the nigh with Mal, where they reminisce about their childhood and their time at orphanage.
  • The following day, Alina is taken back to her tent and forced to wear her black kefta before boarding the skiff. There, she learns that the Darkling has gathered ambassadors from Fjerda, Shu Han, and Kerch.

Expanding the Fold

  • The Skiff enters the Fold. They are attacked by the Volcra soon thereafter. However, once the Volcra drew close, the Darkling commands Alina to shine light and drive the creatures away.
    • When they approach the other side of the Shadow Fold, the Darkling uses his powers to expand the Fold, resulting in the Volcra attacking the nearby villagers before declaring himself ruler.
  • At the Darkling's behest, Ivan shoves Mal off the skiff, into the Volcra's path. The darkness then consumes Mal and he screams out in agony.
    • With Alina having spared the Stag's life, she realizes that the power belongs to her as much as it does the Darkling, allowing her to regain control of her power and save Mal from the Volcra within the darkness.
    • When the Darkling's guards come towards her, Alina uses the Cut, a powerful ability only used by the Darkling, which splits the skiff's mast in two. Alina then dives over the side of the skiff to Mal. She rescind the light, leaving the skiff vulnerable to Volcra attack while Alina and Mal flee to West Ravka and board a ship travelling along the True Sea.

Siege and Storm

Killing the Sea Whip

  • Alina and Mal travel across the True Sea on a Kerch trader. They arrive in Cofton, where they spend two weeks in boarding house and working among the villagers before being found by the Darkling, who creates the Nichevo'ya to attack them.
  • The Darkling takes Alina and Mal and imprisons them on the ship, where Alina is kept unconscious for a week.
  • Alina reunites with Genya.
  • Alina meets Sturmhond, Tolya and Tamar.
  • The Darkling reveals his plans to find Morozova's second amplifier: the Sea Whip.
  • Within a week's time, Mal manages to track down the Sea Whip at the Darkling's behest.
    • While attempting to capture Rusalye, Sturmhond and his crew betray the Darkling.
    • Tolya kills Ivan.
    • Sturmhond's crew flees with Alina and Mal on another ship, leaving Genya behind. However, before they can escape, they are attacked by the Nichevo'ya.
  • Alina kills the Sea Whip and cut seven scales from the beast to harness as an amplifier.
  • Sturmhond makes a deal with Alina and Mal to help them escape from his employer should they disagree with his proposal.
  • Alina and Mal discover that there's a third amplifier: the Firebird.
  • Sturmhond's Fabricator molds the Sea Whip's scales into a cuff around Alina's wrist.
  • Alina starts having visions of the Darkling
  • Sturmhond flies the Hummingbird through the Fold and crashes in a lake outside of Kribirsk, where they are confronted by members of the Ravkan First Army and Sturmhond reveals that he's actually Nikolai Lantsov, the second son of the Ravkan King.
  • Nikolai proposes that he and Alina wed to form a political alliance. Alina turns him down but offers to return to Os Alta with him and help him make a bid for the throne in exchange for the Second Army.

Commanding the Second Army

  • Alina, Mal, and Nikolai return to Os Alta to meet with the King and Queen.
    • The King grants Alina the permission to serve as commander of the Second Army.
    • Mal is dishonorably discharged.
  • Alina splits the dome open in a fit of rage.
  • War council meeting to discuss the structure of the Second Army.
  • Nikolai invites Mal on a boar hunt.
  • Alina reunites with Baghra, who was tortured by the Darkling for her role in Alina's escape.
  • David works on dishes — reflective bowls to magnify Alina's powers.
  • The First and Second Army train as one in preparation for war.
  • Alina reluctantly agrees to allow for Nadia's brother, Adrik, to remain at the palace and fight.
  • Alina and Mal attend a fortune telling party, where Alina is approached by the Apparat, who reveals that he's raising a holy army and makes her a proposition.
  • Mal breaks up with Alina.
  • David warns Alina that she can't remove the amplifiers without causing a catastrophic event.
  • David finalizes the dishes and Alina successfully demonstrates their purpose.
  • Alina discovers that Mal has been fighting in the stables with Grisha guards and that he's with Zoya.
  • Mal grabs Alina's wrist and feels a jolt of energy. She then reveals that she's been seeing the Darkling.
  • The Darkling appears to Alina as Mal.
  • Tamar and Tolya recuse Alina from a mob of villagers.

War at the Grand Palace

  • At Nikolai's birthday dinner, Vasily reveals that Fjerda has agreed to join them in their fight against the Darkling.
  • The warning bells begin to sound as the Darkling and his Nichevo'ya attack the Grand Palace during Nikolai's birthday dinner.
    • Vasily is killed by the Nichevo'ya.
    • Alina uses David's dish mounted on the roof to combat the Nichevo'ya.
    • Fedyor is thrown off the roof by the Nichevo'ya.
    • Marie is torn apart by the Nichevo'ya.
    • Alina, Mal, David, Zoya, and the remaining guards retreat inside, regroup, and make a run for the wooded tunnels while Alina and Mal hold off the Nichevo'ya.
    • Led by Tolya and Tamar, soldiers from all backgrounds, all bearing Alina's sunburst tattoo, emerge from the woods and try to fend off the Nichevo'ya.
    • They remaining fighters flee into the chapel, where they are confronted by the Darkling, who agrees to allow Alina's friends and soldiers live should she surrender.
    • When Alina refuses, the Darkling brings in Genya, who had been fed on and tortured by the Nichevo'ya, leaving her nearly unrecognizable. Alina then agrees surrender before telling Mal she loves him and leaving with the Darkling.
    • Alina kisses the Darkling and harnesses his power through their connection via the collar, creating an army of Nichevo'ya, taking so much from the Darkling that it nearly kills him until Mal pulls the two apart. She then commands her Nichevo'ya to destroy the chapel with the Darkling inside.
  • After escaping the chapel, they journey to the White Cathedral, during which time Alina realizes that Tolya and Tamar must be working with the Apparat.
  • Alina arrives at the White Cathedral, where the Apparat announce his plan to raise a new Ravka.
  • The act of stopping the Darkling has left Alina powerless and turned her hair white.
  • Alina gets word that the Darkling was rescued by his Grisha and now rules Ravka from a throne wreathed in shadow.

Ruin and Rising

Trapped at the White Cathedral

  • The remnants of the Second Army have spent months underneath the White Cathedral in an intricate underground tunnel system.
  • Alina discovers that she possesses some sort of shadow abilities in the wake of her confrontation with the Darkling in Os Alta.
  • Mal, Tolya, and Tamar help train the sun soldiers and the Second Army.
  • Mal, Tolya, Tamar, Zoya, Genya, Nadia, and David devise a plan and escape the White Cathedral.
  • Alina visits the Darkling at the Grand Palace via their psychic connection.

Hunting the Firebird

  • Alina and Mal lead the journey to Ryevost to find the Firebird.
    • The group finds themselves momentarily trapped in a collapsed cavern due to explosions from above.
    • They make camp in a clearing while Tamar heads into town to find smugglers. She returns unsuccessful in finding Nikolai's men.
    • They are found by a militia group but are rescued by Nikolai in a new, blimp-like invention called the Pelican.
  • Alina reunites with Baghra.
  • The King demands Genya's head for her role in the Darkling's overtaking.
    • Genya is charged with treason and attempted murder.
    • Genya admits to poisoning the King with small amounts over time via her lips and skin.
    • Nikolai states that when the war is over that Genya will stand trial and that the King will write out a letter of abdication and flee across the True Sea.
    • David kisses Genya.
  • Baghra begins training Alina again.
  • Nikolai gifts Alina the Lantsov emerald and tells her about his biological father, Magnus Opjer.
  • After receiving another visit from the Darkling, Alina confronts David about supposedly leaving secrets at the Little Palace.
    • David reveals that he left his old notebooks behind, including designs for a glass skiff, which could hold liquid fire -- an inextinguishable flame. But David's creation would only create light, not heat.
  • Baghra reveals that Morotzova was her father and explains his martyrdom.
  • The Darkling finds Alina with help from Sergei, who is then killed by the Nichevo'ya.
    • The Darkling turns Nikolai into a Nichevo'ya-esque creature.
  • Baghra draws in the Nichevo'ya and sacrifices herself and throws herself over the ledge.
  • Alina, Mal, Genya, David, Nadia, Zoya, Tolya, Tamar, and the others escape on a ship in search of the Firebird.
  • Alina discovers a new ability -- light bending to hide their ship.
  • Adrik loses his arm.
  • Alina and Mal track down the Firebird.
    • They discover that Mal's actually the third amplifier after being attacked by the Firebird, making him an descendant of Morozova.
  • The Darkling attacks West Ravka and marches on Keramzin, where the students from the Little Palace where held up. He takes the students and kills Botkin and Ana Kuya.
    • Alina goes to see the Darkling through their connection. He reveals to her that the students are alive and that they will be aboard his skiff on when he travels into the Fold.
  • Alina crosses paths with Nichevo'ya Nikolai but fails to heal him.
  • Alina and Mal have sex.

Death of the Darkling

  • Alina and Mal lead their army into the Fold and attack the Darkling's glass skiff and his Oprichniki.
    • Alina is shot in the shoulder.
    • Tamar is attacked by a Nichevo'ya, but she is saved by Nikolai.
    • The Darkling apprehends Alina and reveals that the students are safe in Kribirsk.
    • Alina escapes the Darkling's grasps and kills Mal to claim the third amplifier. A decision she instantly regrets.
    • The gift of the three amplifier is power multiplied by a thousand. Rather than Alina acquiring all the power, combining the three amplifiers created a multitude of new sun summoners, equally distributing the power.
    • With the awakening of new sun summoners, the Fold began to unravel.
    • The collar and fetter break away and fall from Alina's body. The act of bringing the amplifiers together also left her powerless.
    • Alina stabs the Darkling in the heart and kills him. With his final breath, he tells Alina not to give him a grave for anyone to desecrate.
    • With the Darkling's death, the Nichevo'ya dissolve and Nikolai is returned to normal.
    • The Soldat Sol destroy what is left of the Fold.
    • Mal suddenly awakens despite his wounds.
  • Kribirsk descended into chaos upon discovery of the Darkling's demise.
    • Nikolai, joined by Tamar and Tolya, took command, installed himself in the royal quarters, and secured the boarders.
  • Mal no longer has his tracking abilities due to being sacrificed for the third amplifier.
  • The tale of Alina Starkov and Malyen Oretsev's deaths on the Fold during the final battle with the Darkling quickly began to spread, allowing for Alina and Mal to start over with new lives and identities.
  • David and Genya travel to Kribirsk to meet with Grisha gathering at the military camp.
  • Alina visits the royal barracks to return Nikolai's emerald.
  • Alina delivers Genya's pardon and offers Genya, David, and Zoya a chance to lead the second army.
  • The Darkling and Ruby, who had been made to appear as Alina, are burned on a pyre.
  • Alina and Mal wed in a chapel on the shores of the True Sea.
  • Alina and Mal open an orphanage in Keramzin, where they spent the rest of their life together.
    • Every winter during the Feast of Saint Nikolai, they are visited by Genya, David, and Zoya.

Six of Crows Duology

Six of Crows

Kaz' Life Before The Dregs

  • After their father had died from being crushed by a plow, Kaz and his older brother Jordie, sold the farm and traveled to Ketterdam.
  • Kaz and Jordie crossed paths with a boy named Phillip who claimed that he knew a man who could employ Jordie.
  • The following day, Phillip took Jordie to meet with Jakob Hertzoon.
    • Jordie and Phillip worked for Hertzoon as runners. While they were working, Kaz stayed at Hertzoon's coffee house. They were even invited to Hertzoon's house for dinner with his wife and daughter.
    • When Jordie learned of the next crop of Jurda and how it would be in high demand, he offered to invest the money from the sale of his father's farm to Mr. Hertzoon. Jordie then loaned Mr. Hertzoon the money, and he placed the trade.
    • A week later, Kaz and Jordie returned to the coffee house to find it completely abandoned, as well as Mr. Hertzoon's house.
    • They learned from the maid next door that the Mr. Hertzoon only just rented the house a few weeks ago.

Rebirth of Kaz Brekker

  • The money Mr. Hertzoon left with Kaz and Jordie had run out the following week and were evicted from their boarding house two days later.
  • Kaz and Jordie headed south to the streets of the lower barrel. The next day, they were attacked and robbed by Razorgulls.
  • The following morning, Jordie woke with a fever — an outbreak later to be known as the Queen's Lady Plague.
    • Bodied piled up in the streets and sickm boats moved through the canals.
    • Kaz' fever came two days after Jordie's.
  • Jordie died not long after. Eventually, the body men came and rolled them onto the sick boat, where Kaz was too weak to scream and found himself caught in a tangle of dead bodies.
  • Kaz had recovered from his fever and used Jordie's body as a raft to swim back towards the shores of Ketterdam.
    • Kaz headed towards the neighborhood where the Hertzoons had lived and attacked a kid outside a sweatshop. Kaz emptied his pockets, took his bag of liquorish, and threw his pants into a canal.
    • Kaz took the money he stole and bought bread. He then walked to East Stave searching for a job at a gambling den. However, they already employed one young boy to clean the piss pots.
    • Kaz followed the boy home for two blocks and hit him over the head with a rock. Kaz proceeded to slash the soles of the boy's feet with a broken bottle. Kaz returned to the den the following evening and requested the job.
    • From there, he learned how to pick pockets and cut the sleeves on a ladies purse. He also did a couple stints in jail and quickly earned the reputation for taking any job and the nickname "Dirty Hands."
  • Kaz abandoned his family's surname and adopted up Brekker.
  • Before long, Kaz was banned from family in every gambling hall on East Stave due to his cheating habits.
  • One day when Kaz was crossing a bridge over East Stave he saw Jakob Hertzoon, real name Pekka Rollins.
    • Upon learning the truth about Pekka Rollins, Kaz devised a new plan of revenge. So he walked into the Slat and asked to join Per Haskell in order to build the Dregs as his own personal army.
  • Three years ago, when Kaz was 14, he put together a crew to rob the banked that had helped Hertzoon con him and Jordie. His crew got away with 50,000 kruge, but Kaz broke his leg jumping down from the rooftop. The bone didn't set right and he limped ever after. JKaz then had a Fabrikator create him a cane.

Jesper's Alignment with the Dregs

  • Jesper left his home country Novyi Zem to attend university in Ketterdam.
  • He took a loan out on his father's farm.
  • During his first week, he went down to East stave with some other students and instantly fell in love with gambling.
  • He began taking on work with the gangs to fund his addiction.
    • One night, two guys jumped him in an alley, but Kaz saved him and they began working together.

Inej's Enslavement

  • Inej was 14 when she was taken by slavers. Her family had been summering on the coast of West Ravka and performing in a carnival on the outskirts of Os Kervo.
    • One morning, four men appeared and took her from her family's wagon and fled on a boat.
    • She was thrown into a cargo hold with a group of other children varying in age, but mostly girls.
    • When they finally dropped anchor, Inej was given to Tante Heleen.
  • Inej tried to escape once when she first arrived in Ketterdam. She had gotten two blocks from the Menagerie before being captured and hauled back.
    • Heleen beat her so badly that she hadn't been able to work for a week.
    • For the month after, Inej was kept in golden chains. When Heleen finally unlocked the shackles, she told Inej that she owed her for a month of lost income.

Inej's Recruitment by the Dregs

  • Inej first met Kaz two years ago when he came to the Menagerie to speak with Tante Heleen about her clients. There, Inej offered to help him.
    • The next day, Kaz returned to the Menagerie for Inej after Per Haskell agreed to pay off her indenture with the Menagerie and offered her a position within the Dregs.
    • Inej then immediately had her peacock tattoo removed, leaving behind a nasty scar.
  • In working with the Dregs, Kaz taught her many tricks, including how to crack a safe, pick a pocket, and wield a knife.

Nina's Stint in the Second Army

  • Nina was a student at the Little Palace when the Ravkan civil war erupted.
  • After the war, King Nikolai was anxious to get the remaining Grisha soldiers trained and combat ready.
    • As a result, Nina only spent six months in advanced classes before her first mission.
    • Nina's first mission was with Zoya and a team of Grisha examiners wandering the aisles. Disguised as a traveler, Nina would slip into taverns to chat with locals and bring the peasant talk back to camp.
  • On their mission, they saved many Grisha, including a family of Inferni and a slave ship of Grisha.

Surviving with Matthias

  • After a fight with Zoya, Nina left camp and wandered on into a Drüskelle consisting of six boys, Matthias Helvar amongst them.
    • Nina was captured and thrown into a cage below deck a Drüskelle ship along with other captured Grisha.
  • The ship headed for Fjerda is caught in a storm and dragged under.
  • Nina had gotten free of her bonds and escaped the ship, saving a barely conscious Matthias.
  • Nina and Matthias seek refuge in a lodge at a deserted whaling camp and snuggle up together near a fire.
  • Nina nearly falls into a pit after the ice gives away, but Matthias saved her.
  • Nina and Matthias spend more three weeks traveling together before coming across the town of Elling.
    • There, Nina reunited with old Grisha friends from the Little Palace and told them that she was undercover. They sought to take Matthias in, but Nina held them off and made a plan to get herself and Matthias away from Elling as fast as she could.
    • But the Grisha came for Matthias intent on taking him to Ravka, where he surely would've been tortured and executed.
    • Instead of allowing him to be taken by her Grisha companions, Nina found Kerch traders and told them that Matthias was a slaver who had taken her prisoner.
    • Matthias was placed in chains and then taken to Ketterdam to be prosecuted, however, she didn't know he would be taken to Hellgate.

Nina's Arrival in Ketterdam

  • Nina arrived in Ketterdam a year ago.
    • She spent the first week dealing with the charges against Matthias Helvar.
    • After her testimony, she was dumped at the first harbor with just enough money to book passage back to Ravka, but she didn't wish to leave Matthias behind.
    • Pekka Rollins offered her safety and a place to stay the the Emerald Palace. Pekka also offered her a position with the Dime Lions, but that night, Inej approached her with a proposal from Kaz.

Wylan's Entry into the Dregs

  • Three months ago, Wylan turned up at a flop house near the Slat, though he was using a different surname.
  • Kaz tasked Inej with looking into Wylan. There were rumors he was caught in an affair with a teacher, though Inej didn't believe it. She suspected that he willingly left home, as Jan Van Eck writes to Wylan every week, but he doesn't even bother to open them.

Introduction of Jurda Parem

Assembling the Dregs

  • The Dregs meet with the Black Tips, and Geels makes an attempt on Kaz' life with help from Big Bolliger.
  • Kaz is abducted and offered a job by Jan Van Eck to break Bo Yul-Bayur, the creator of jurda parem, out of a nearly impenetrable prison, the Ice Court.
  • Kaz recruits Nina and offers to break out Matthias from Hellgate in exchange.

Breaking out of Hellgate

  • The Dregs break into Hellgate.
  • Matthias is forced to fight in a cage with three wolves, all of which he manages to subdue and kill.
  • Muzzen,a member of the Dregs, is disguised as Matthias with Nina's tailoring.
  • Matthias attacks Nina upon first glance for her previous betrayal.
  • Jesper opens the animal cages to provide a distraction for the Dregs and Matthias to escape on a boat.

Planning the Ice Court Break In

  • In exchange for his corporation, Matthias will be pardoned from Hellgate.
  • Kaz reveals that Wylan is Jan Van Eck's son.
  • Jesper and Wylan buy bullets.
  • Inej retrieves snow goggles and other supplies. On her way to the docks, she is harassed by Tante Heleen.
  • The decoy ship at the loading docks explodes.

Journey to the Ice Court

  • The Dregs reconvene at the real Ferolind
  • Nina attempts to heal Inej, who was injured while they were under attack by the Black Tips and Razorgulls.
  • Kaz tortures Oomen for answers, who reveals that the Black Tips and Razorgulls were hired by Pekka Rollins to stop the Dregs from leaving the harbor. Kaz then throws Oomen overboard.
  • Inej awakens and slowly recovers from her wounds.
  • More than a week since leaving Ketterdam, the Dregs arrive along shore of Fjerda.
  • Nina tailors Matthias.
  • The Dregs and Matthias are attacked by Grisha Squallers and Fabrikators on jurda parem.
  • Nina and Matthias make a secret pact to kill Bo Yul-Bayur.
  • The Dregs and Matthias cut down a tree to block the road. When the prison cart arrives, they release six prisoners and sneak into the back of the wagon headed for the Ice Court.

Breaking into the Ice Court

  • The Dregs and Matthias pass through the prison gates and are taken to the holding cells.
  • Jesper reveals that he is a Fabrikator and uses his abilities to to help them escape the cell. Kaz and Wylan head one way to free Nina and Inej while Jesper and Matthias head in the opposite direction to find some rope.
  • Nina attacks several guards, causing an alarm to sound.
  • Inej climbs the incinerator.
  • Kaz finds Pekka Rollins in a cell.
  • Nina and Inej infiltrate the party at the Ice Court disguised as Menagerie girls.
    • Inej is taken away by the guards.
  • Jesper and Wylan trigger black protocol.
  • Tante Heleen confronts Inej
  • Nina is locked in a cell by Jarl Brum with help from Matthias, who has revealed the Dregs' plan.
    • Matthias embraces Brum before knocking him unconscious and freeing Matthias.
  • Jesper and Wylan are attacked by Tidemakers on jurda parem, but Jesper kills them using his Fabrikator abilities.
  • Nina and Matthias rescue Kuwei Yul-Bo after learning that his father was dead. On their way out, he blows up the lab, resulting in Nina, Matthias, Kuwei, and Kaz falling into the northern waters.

Escaping Fjerda

  • Jesper and Wylan save Inej from the guards and proceed to steal a tank before blasting a whole in the glass wall and fleeing the Ice Court.
  • Kaz, Nina, Matthias, and Kuwei wash up on the shores, where they reconvene with Inej, Jesper, and Wylan and blow up the bridge.
  • The Dregs are cornered by the Drüskelle at the harbor. In an effort to save her friends, Nina reluctantly takes a single dose of jurda parem.
    • Under the effects of jurda parem, Nina takes out the Drüskelle soldiers blocking the harbor and the Dregs flee on the Ferolind.
  • An hour later, Nina begins to undergo withdrawals.

The Exchange with Van Eck

  • The Dregs meet with Ja Van Eck to make the exchange. However, Van Eck betrays them and has employed Grisha under the effect of jurda parem to take out the Dregs.
    • When Kaz says that they have his son, Van Eck reveals that he's disowned Wylan, as he's illiterate.
    • Van Eck then orders his Tidemakers to crush the Ferolind with Wylan on it.
    • Kaz then reveals that the boy they are passing off as Kuwei is actually Wylan, who has been tailored by Nina.
    • With the Grisha on his side, Van Eck takes his money and Inej as leverage and gives Kaz a week to bring him Kuwei .
    • The night before meeting with Van Eck, Kaz had Kuwei and Nina taken to the abandoned cages below the old prison tower at Hellgate.
    • Kaz then reveals that Jesper is the reason they were ambushed when leaving Ketterdam for Fjerda.
  • Kaz visits Pekka Rollins after previously freeing him from his cell at the Ice Court and asks him for money and to send a letter to the Ravkan capitol.
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