Tolya Yul-Bataar is the twin brother of Tamar Kir-Bataar. Formerly a mercenary, member of Sturmhond's crew, and member of the Soldat Sol, Tolya is a Heartrender who fought with Alina Starkov during the course of the Shadow and Bone trilogy. Despite being Grisha, Tolya usually fights with a variety of weapons.

After the Ravkan Civil War, Tolya becomes a member of Nikolai Lantsov's personal guard.

Appearance and Character Edit

Like his twin sister, Tolya has dark hair and golden eyes, although Tolya has long hair that he keeps tied at the base of his neck. He is described as very tall and extremely strong. Due to his Shu heritage, his eyes are slightly uptilted.

Tolya is more stoic than Tamar is, yet he is courageous, honorable, and intensely loyal to Alina and Nikolai. He is shown to have an avid interest in and excellent memory for epic poetry in both Shu and Ravkan.

Like Tamar, Tolya believes that Grisha power originates from divine gifts; however, he seems to adhere to these beliefs more staunchly than Tamar does.


Alina StarkovEdit

Tolya is a good friend of Alina and helps her until the end to defeat the Darkling and destroy the Shadow Fold. At the end of Ruin and Rising, Tolya states that Alina is like a sister to himself and Tamar.



  1. Ebook version used as reference