The Grishaverse

First I am just writing this because I think I need to get this out there and to share some of my hopes for season 2 and I would like others to add their own in this discussion.

The first thing I want to happen sometime during season two is this:

Kaz:*thinking hard and staring into the distance*

Someone (Jesper) or everyone: Uh oh scheming face.

I think this needs to happen because let’s be honest we can’t have Kaz not do this, it’s part of his caricature. Second I think we need to see more of Milo the goat. I think he/she (idk maybe someone can let me know) should be one of those characters that just randomly pops up out of nowhere helps, never dies, and then just disappears for a while.

I would also like to see more of Alina and Mal with the crows because I think it would be fun to see them all in Ketterdam together. I think this isn’t too far-fetched because they can work in so that Alina is like Kuwei and they have to keep her from falling back into the wrong hands. Or they could have to break into the ice court to get to Rusalye who lives in the ice moat or something.

Last I think that Leigh Bardugo should be in the show for just a minute as like a bartender or a small part that would be funny.

Pleas let me know what you think and I would be thrilled if some of these got used in the film.

(sorry if I got some spelling wrong)

Shadow and Bone (TV series)