Wylan Van Eck is the son of Jan Van Eck. He joins the team rescuing Bo Yul-Bayur from the Ice Court because of his knowledge in demolitions and his use as a hostage in negotiating the reward.


Wylan has ruddy curls and blue eyes and is the youngest of the group at age sixteen. His young age is only accentuated by his looks, which make him seem younger. Matthias Helvar believed his age to be twelve instead of sixteen.

Kaz Brekker described him as someone who "looked like a child- smooth-skinned, wide-eyed, like a silk-eared puppy in a room full of fighting dogs."

He greatly resembles his father, Jan Van Eck. But is said to have his mother's curls.

Due to Nina's Tailoring abilities, enhanced with the power of jurda paremWylan used to have the appearance of Kuwei Yul-Bo. Genya Safin later changes his appearance to his original one close to the end of Crooked Kingdom.


Wylan is rather considerate and innocent, despite the fact that he is a part of the Dregs. He is the kindest out of the Dregs, and is very caring but calculated. His privileged status makes him unused to violence however he is still willing to do damage. At one point saying, after Jesper says he doesn't kill sleeping men, that they can wake up two men before killing them.  Wylan is also reasonably shy, often speaking and commenting only if he is asked to, although his character development proves that this is due to his father's treatment of him with him becoming more confident as he becomes more assured of his worth.

Wylan also has a curious, contemplative mind, often questioning how things function such as on Jesper's pistols and the Ice Court's aqueduct system. He prefers music and numbers to words, as he cannot read because of his dyslexia. Wylan is quite insecure regarding his disability. This is also due to his father's rejection and hatred of him because of his inability to read or write. He does not like being compared to a criminal yet takes pride in his knowledge of demolition. He is also very artistic, and is skilled in playing musical instruments and drawing. Wylan plays the flute and the piano.

In Six of Crows he has a crush on Jesper.

Relationships Edit

Jesper Fahey Edit

They are known to be in a romantic relationship towards the end of Crooked Kingdom.


Although a gifted artist and musician, Wylan cannot read. Because of this, his father treated him very poorly and attempted to have Wylan killed in order to 'protect the Van Eck name'. After Wylan's escape his father sends him letters in order to taunt him.

Memorable Quotes Edit

  • "Maybe. Not all poisons have an antidote.” 
  • "I’m not a criminal." 
  • "I'd like to make a down payment."
  • "He has a soothing baritone."
  • " What am I doing here?"
  • " Just Girls?"
  • "We could wake them up."


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