Yuri Vedenen was a young man and devoted follower of the Darkling. He was the leader of Cult of the Starless Saint, and devoted his life to getting the Darkling recognized as an official Saint by the Ravkan Church.


Yuri read as many books as he could borrow since he was a young boy, which worried his parents in that he would not gain money for them. Sometime later, they sent him to live with his uncle in Novokribirsk to work on the dry docks of sandskiffs. When not working, he often read in the nearby church and lose himself to the texts. Many of the men who worked on the ports mocked Yuri for his weezing and his fogged up glasses, and his uncle physically abused him and mocked him for not working as well as others. Tired of this, Yuri prayed to the gods to free him from his uncle and others' cruelty and devote his life to study.

One day, having drifted to sleep while reading in the church, and awoken to shadows moving around his feet. He ran back to his uncle's house, who beat him mercilessly for not putting dinner on the table on time. He was unable to rise from bed the next day from the pain, making his uncle promise to beat him if he did not come to work on the docks. Yuri forced himself to get up, eat breakfast, and leave for work. Making it to the town square, he laid by the fountain when a voice told him not to go to the docks. He tried to go still, knowing he was weak enough to where his uncle would kill him with a second beaitng, but the voice told him to not go.

At that moment, the Shadow Fold enveloped Novokribirsk, only sparing Yuri from the Volcra. Yuri was thankful for the Shadow Fold and the Darkling for saving him, and became the first of his followers.

Appearance and Character

Yuri is described as being as tall and thin as the handle of a mop. He has messy black hair and green eyes. He is often very nervous and jittery, and rambles at length about his devotion to the Darkling.

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